Sponsor a child

Sponsorship : a solution for the survival of many children.

In Burkina Faso : Sponsorship of a child costs 20€ a month.      With this amount, the association provides a child’s schooling and school supplies and the teachers’ salaries. This amount also provides a few meals for the child.

The amount of this donation can be changed at the discretion of the sponsor.

Sponsorship enables children living in poverty to have access to knowledge in order to:

  • develop in their social environment;
  • no longer be in a condition of dependency as an adult;
  • break away from destructive cultural practices, such as excision, forced marriage or compulsory ritual begging for mothers of twins;
  • give a future to someone more disadvantaged than ourselves;
  • provide not only financial aid but also moral support.

The children come from Burkina Faso, from the suburbs of the town of Ouagadougou and from the village of Tita-Naponé, situated between the capital and Bobo-Dioulasso. They live below the poverty line and very few of them have enough to eat.  They are sometimes orphans, being cared for by a family that is already disadvantaged. They all want to go to school and are committed to long-term education. These future pupils are under the responsibility of the legal representative of the association in the country, who keeps an eye on several matters:

  1. the good management of the sponsorship received;
  2. the conscientiousness of the family guardian;
  3. the school results of the child.

Pupils are prepared for national diplomas in the association’s schools, but also in private schools which are partners with Cyrus International or national schools.

An official tax receipt will be provided in order that a percentage of the amount given will be tax-deductible.