Building of the School

Burkina Faso, which literally means « Country of men of integrity » was formerly the Republic of Upper Volta and is located in West Africa. The official language is French in this county where more than 70 dialects are spoken.

The illiteracy rate in Burkina Faso is 80%. Only 13% of children attend school. In classes of between 80 to 100 pupils, one pencil is shared by 4 pupils.

Education is not free and is very expensive for the vast majority of Burkina Faso families, who struggle to feed their children.

In the light of such observations and the suffering of so many children, the association has decided to build a school in the village of Tita Naponé, between Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso. We were given the opportunity to acquire ten hectares of land during our previous trip. The development of the land will help to make the school self-sufficient, (see the project for the plantation of fruit trees), and the profits from the development will enable us to make the necessary arrangements to provide the students with a decent education.

This school will have the capacity to accommodate 180 primary school pupils. It will be made up of 3 classrooms of 100m2 each, (according to the standards imposed by the government), an office and a storage room. 4 latrines will be installed nearby. Thanks to the drilling of a well, water will be available for the children.

Among the different cost estimates which have been submitted to us, we made our decision based on the good reputation of the contractor who is committed to the quality of the materials.

The cost estimate amounts to 35,215 euros

In a country where the war against illiteracy continues to be fought, help us to win this battle.