A Word from the President

This young association was born from the desire to give to the most destitute the possibility of changing their present so that their future would be marked by sustainable transformations. So, my wife, Virginie, and myself, to our surprise, found ourselves dreaming with the orphans, the widows, the poor and the destitute.

Their dreams are made up of everyday things we take for granted: going to school; having something to eat; access to drinking water; not being outcast and rejected.

Then one day, see them in their turn pass the torch on and thus change the inevitable cycle of failure to which they are doomed.

We have embarked on this journey with a lot of hope, knowing that others will join us soon, thus destroying the enemy that is lurking at everyone’s door: indifference.

We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you there, hoping to communicate the joy that is bubbling deep within us.

I would like to finish here with a poem that Elise, a new colleague, sent to us. She was touched during our last missionary trip to Burkina Faso.

Africa …

In many respects

We want to look away from you.

You are poor, dirty, limited, dependant, unsafe, corrupted …

And many despise you, exploit you, feel sorry for you, flee from you, malign you ..

And yet you are also :

Strong, competitive, faith-filled, smiling and joyful, full of life, colourful, simple,

spontaneous, welcoming, open, friendly, caring, compassionate, generous,

peaceful, obliging, humble, endearing …

Africa …

In any event, you have touched my heart.


Yours sincerely, the President

Jean-Paul Camblor