A tree to plant

                   A reminder about the project of the plantation of an orchard . . .

This operation enables each child in our school to become the sponsor of a tree planted in the environment where they are born and thus plant their own roots :

A strong symbol of life and of the future.

This action enables the children of the association to be actively involved in the development of their quality of life and become part of an overall educational project carried out during the school year within their school.

In buying a tree, you enable a child to, not only enter into this training programme, but also to benefit from the medicinal virtues of an orchard.    

The tree and the child are born, grow up and develop together.
The tree is a symbol of life, its strength depends on its roots,
The same is true for a child. …

The cost of planting a tree : 7 €

The mango tree: The mango tree has a high level of vitamins C and A, pectin and fibres, which help to lower the level of serum cholesterol. Fresh mangos are a rich source of potassium, which is an important component of the cellular fluids and the body. This fruit also helps control the heart rate and blood pressure.

The guava tree: The leaves are very well-known for their great astringent, antiseptic and anthalmintic properties. Taken in a mixture, they are able to eradicate germs, fungi and amoebae, which may be found in the body. The leaves are used to help heal wounds. They are also very effective as a dental anaesthetic. The fruit has more vitamin than oranges or kiwis. Guavas also provide micronutrients (iron, zinc, copper). With a high concentration of soluble fibre, that stimulates smooth intestinal transit.




The moringa tree: The leaves of this tree are rich in Vitamin A and C, potassium, calcium and protein. The use of its leaves is so extensive in the medical field that it is called the tree of life.

Tree species are chosen according to their ability to resist heat, but also because their production is readily tradable in the local market. The profits will be used to feed the children and improve the quality of their everyday lives. In addition, the maintenance of the plantation will create employment locally.